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Dove Farms is located in Elnora, Indiana in the northern part of Daviess County.  Dove Farms was established by Charles A Dove in 1911 and is currently operated by Josh and his father, Rob Dove.  Josh is the fourth generation of farmers at Dove Farms.  The farm is a grain, livestock, and produce operation.  Grain farming of corn, soybeans, wheat , along with hay forage are need to maintain the Red Angus and Black Angus cattle herds, along with the Boer goat herd. 

Josh’s passion for Red Angus Cattle started early in his 4-H beef career, when he showed a Red Angus steer his first year of 4-H.  As he continued through 4-H, Josh became extremely interested in getting into the registered cattle business.  In 2005, Josh and a fellow Red Angus breeder traveled to Iowa where Josh purchased 2 bred heifers which set the foundation of his herd.  Over the past several years, Josh has purchased register Red Angus females from the several breeders around the country.

Red Angus Cattle JDove Farms

Our cattle herd is based on fertility, disposition, longevity, and structural soundness.   Fertility and disposition are two of the most important traits.   The cattle are expected to breed year after year, while rebreeding back within a reasonable period of time.  Cattle that fail at this are culled.  Disposition also is an important trait that is highly considered when choosing replacement and new stock for the herd.  Structural soundness is monitored closely.  Any animal with poor feet and legs are culled from the herd.  Finally, we consider longevity.  We look at the cow families that we have in the herd and consider keeping females out of those lines to keep the herd going for the future.   The cattle herd has been a working progress for several years and are excited to keep providing quality Red Angus cattle. 

In 2010, to keep the farm growing, Josh purchased 12 register Boer goats to start his own goat herd.    Now, Josh currently raises 40 head of does to produce quality does, bucks, and 4-H wethers.  The goat herd is based on similar traits as the cattle.  Our does are expected to kid unassisted or with minimal help.  The does are also expected to raise the kids on their own without supplement the kids.  Our does are also expected to kid multiples not singles.  Does that kid singles back to back are considered for culling.   Teat structure is highly considered when selecting females to keep and sell to other breeders.  Does with poorly teated udders are culled from the herd.  The goat herd keeps improving every year and look forward to seeing more changes in the coming years to better our stock.

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